Corruption at its best trying to cover-up the war crimes committed. They should be prosecuting the war criminals rather than the messenger: bit.ly/35QciXw

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It is difficult to put into words this injustice. The UK legal system shows contempt and disregard for Julian Assange's rights.

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Vengeance trying to pose as justice. The miracle we need now is for one powerful person to have the courage and righteousness to end this travesty.

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Every American should be ashamed to see the great injustice our government has bestowed on Julian Assange. The US government continues to commit it's war crimes around the globe, while seeking to silence it's critics. I pray that US extradition will be denied and Julian will be set free.

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I am a US citizen and I wish I was not. I am ashamed. The US is a monster.

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"There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people." -Howard Zinn


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Dear Stella and Julian,

Although I published this a while ago (as the first part of an as yet incomplete series on Julian and WikiLeaks) I actually intended this essay as a wedding present for you both.

As you are both practicing Catholics, I though you might particularly enjoy the hope that is ever present in the writings of Julian of Norwich, as well as my analysis of the parallels in the life and work of both Julians.

"Julian Speaks: Two Voices from behind The Wall" at https://lafleurproductions.substack.com/p/julian-speaks-two-voices-from-behind?s=w

If you want to show it to Julian there is an option at the end to print the essay as a PDF. Unfortunately the essay is quite long, so it would need quite a printed few pages.

You are both in my prayers at all times, and I wish you every joy on your wedding day, and ever after.

With much love and hope for a better future,


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Julian Assange lives

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I cannot believe this is true. While War in Ukraine rages Julians Fate is silently being determined by a cruel and unjust British justice system. What a travesty indeed. My thoughts are with you.

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None of us are free, until Assange is free!!!

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None of us are free, until Assange is free!!!

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He committed the same act as the Russian news lady Marina Ovsyannikova - he told the truth about the war.

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The UK has long plunged headlong into the wrong direction, first by removing parental and educators's rights to discipline effectively, by corporal punishment or otherwise. That also had so called "legal justification" and scores of idiots -- educated or otherwise -- supported it, and still do, even though the policy flew in the face of thousands of years of wisdom and has wrought disastrous results with Britain's youth and culture.. Julian is on the terminal end of that trajectory. When you allow little monsters to grow up to become big monsters for lack of painful consequences, one day the monsters who commit atrocities like murder, torture, rendition, indiscriminate bombing and such have no consequences to fear by which to silence a journalist who only brought light and exposure to dark happenings. People, start with your children. Hug and love -- but also spank.

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Thank you for your endurance & strength.

The violation of the UK & US extradition treaty, the abuse of legal process to violate the human rights of Julian and the constant smear from Alphabet Agencies behind our media is one of the biggest atrocities in my life.

We will not stop until Julian is free and there will be hell to pay if the rule of law is not applied to all. What is planted is what will grow & the government will not like what their fruits are.

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What we are facing into here, Stella, is The Decline of The West.

I, BTW, am also from Melbourne and started out in Systems.

I mention in one Substack essay John Gorton's remarks during the Vietnam War demonstrations - "We will tolerate dissent so long as it is not effective".

I remember it. Julian is effective.


Expressed further under the Decline of The West, vectored via that failed, longest of the long LongShots, this engineered US-NATO-UK Ukrainian Proxy War over the lives of the poor Ukrainian people to weaken Russia, tip out its government and possess its considerable resources.

Judgment shall be by outcomes. Thus far, it is the EU and NATO that will disintegrate. Paradoxically, the present winners are simultaneously the United States and Russia. Those in the way of superpower aspirations invariably are ground up in the geo-political machinery.

Discussed here in lengthy, abstruse and eclectic prose across several essays that will leave the reader visibly aged, yet possibly far wiser although admittedly that is entirely speculative . . .


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AUSSIES PLEASE TAKE ACTION. We are where we are because our sovereignty is being eroded with each passing day and we are left with "journalists" who collude with the very people and organisations that they are meant to hold accountable.

What does it say about us as a people when we allow a man who only ever told the truth to be politically persecuted, TORTURED, isolated from his loved ones, mocked and smeared by corporate media, continually harassed with stitched up cases, denied justice at every turn for 12 years? I could list the injustices and cruelty inflicted upon Julian Assange in a while book and it still won't be all.

The USA tried to assassinate Julian Assange via the CIA. The UK is still detaining and politically persecuting Julian Assange on behalf of USA.

Julian Assange is OUR Aussie brother. He must be free. Our politicians must use their Diplomatic Powers to negotiate Julian Assange's freedom. They have done this in the past when academics, journalists were persecuted by countries perceived as our adversaries. Why this silence, inaction and indifference when one of ours is persecuted by countries perceived as our allies?

Julian Assange must NOT be extradited to USA. He must be freed by UK immediately.

The fate of Julian Assange has extremely serious and irreversible implications on our sovereignty and our basic human rights.

1. More info, Videos, facts: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1329547377478654&id=100012702136412

2. Short summary: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1388556721577719&id=100012702136412

3. This is a test of Aussie politicians' commitment to our sovereignty. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1393170027783055&id=100012702136412

4. The Philosophy of Julian Assange Audio https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1312538419179550&id=100012702136412

5. CIA Pompeo https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1330589770707748&id=100012702136412

6. Julian's speech on War, Lies, Peace, Truth. Video https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1324609387972453&id=100012702136412

Remember the words of Aussie journalist John Pilger : "Who among us is prepared to stand up rather than remain mere bystanders to an epic travesty such as the judicial kidnapping of Julian Assange? What is at stake is both a courageous man’s life and, if we remain silent, the conquest of our intellects and sense of right and wrong: indeed our very humanity."

#FreeAssangeNOW #DontExtraditeAssange #BringJulianHome

#SaveJulian #FreePress #FreeSpeech #JournalismIsNotACrime

#Auspol #FreeJulianAssangeNow #Wikileaks #FightForJulian #USAHandsOffAssange

Link to above FB post: https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1402887993477925&id=100012702136412

Link to Quoted FB post by Australian Citizen's Party: https://www.facebook.com/CitizensPartyAU/posts/348467257324527

Link to article by Australian Citizen's Party: https://citizensparty.org.au/media-releases/appeal-australians-its-now-us-free-assange

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